Summer Housing Boy, Short Stories of A City Kid, is one out of a series of books.

Tyreek is a 9-year-old boy who lives in an urban housing unit, also known as the “projects.” From a 9-year-olds perspective, he uses expressive language as he gives readers a tour of his community without embarrassment or shame. He teaches children to be hopeful about the future no matter where they reside.

Most importantly, Tyreek introduces the concept of community and its value to this young reader. The book explores how respect and relationships with members of the community are essential. Tyreek is developing the framework for his future by embracing the experiences of his everyday life. He is open, creative, and imaginative as he understands that his dreams can be as big as he wants.

Tyreek is educating the reader to think beyond their physical location and create new beginnings by using their strengths or gifting to escape poverty.

Behind the Scenes