Shaniqua Lewis is a Christian author that was inspired to write her first book after she was diagnosed with Adult ADHD at the age of 23. As a former collegiate basketball and volleyball player, she struggled academically but kept pushing herself to do well.

Her late diagnosis helped her understand many of her prior difficulties in school. She wants to inspire children with similar challenges to go beyond the boundaries of their diagnosis. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the illustrious Virginia Union University and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Her former job was an Educational Specialist.

In that role, she advocated for parents and children with learning differences by developing IEP’s (Individual Educational Plans) and helping them engage other support services from their schools.

She is the founder of Divine Works, an international art ministry that produces short films and art shows.

Shaniqua is dedicated to inspiring others to push beyond their circumstances, diagnosis, and difficulties and to use their God-given creative abilities to make room. Even with her diagnosis, she wrote a book and published it, and you can too!

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